We are Jazz Rock Band led by guitar and flute.

In 1994, three high school boys who were keen on listening to KING CRIMSON, SOFT MACHINE, MILES DAVIS, JOHN COLTRANE, ete. got together forming Qui after their graduation in Tokyo. At the time, the members were Takashi Hayashi (Guitar) who wrote most of the songs, Kanji Sugano (Bass), Soh HIraga (Drums). The band were playing jazz-rock taste sound at live clubs regularly till 2003. Demo-recordings around the early days titled "Prelude" were released from Vital Records, a division of POSEIDON Records. In "Prelude" three members played live at the studio, after that adding Hayashi's synthesizer sound. Then Hayashi is being a professional musician but others were not able to continue playing for personal reasons.


In 2004, Hayashi reformed Qui with Seto (bass) and Yoshikawa (drums) who are professional jazz musicians and rehearsed during the year then played live again. In 2006, Yoshida (flute) joined the band. Unique Qui Sound is a mixture of Hayashi's progressive / Canterbury music taste guitar playing and other members' jazz/latin elements. Official debut CD "Qui" released 


Takashi Hayashi (guitar)

Kazuo Yoshida (flute)

Naoyuki Seto (bass)

Dan Yoshikaway (drums)



Taku Yabuki (keyboards)

Chihiro Owada (keyboards)

Shinichi Kawamura (sax) 



Special Thanks

Hiroshi Masuda (POSEIDON Records)

Kazuya Kitamura (hoy-hoy records)

Yayoi Izushi (Usakuma Records)

Yukihiko Takeba (Technical Advisor)

Kanji Sugano (Art Works)


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